Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Family Tech Website

Presumably all of you know about RootsTech--a big (over 3000 attendees!) conference held in Salt Lake City earlier this month focusing on genealogy and technology. The LDS church and their Family History Library were major sponsors of the multi-day meetings. From all accounts I've heard/read, it sounds like the meeting was very successful. Genealogy nerds everywhere were thrilled to meet and share their techie information, either in person or via the internet.
Unfortunately, my internet connection hasn't been dependable enough to partake of the real-time online broadcasts. And I haven't been able to find where the live broadcasts have been archived online--if, in fact, they have.
But I have followed a few of my favorite genealogy bloggers and their comments on RootsTech.
One "gleaning" from these bloggers is that FamilySearch has created a new "Family Tech" section on containing technology tips for genealogists and family historians. You can find it at There are five subareas to this site, focusing on Computing, Software, Devices, Internet and HowTos. Do spend some time browsing. There's a wealth of information here for all levels of technology skills, but definitely biased toward the neophyte. From what I can tell, the site is essentially a wiki, containing contributed articles on whatever technology-related subjects people want to contribute.
Do take some time to browse this site and bookmark it for future use. Especially with the demise of the SGS Computer Interest Group, most of us need new sources for obtaining answers to our genealogy computing questions.