Monday, September 12, 2011

SGS's New Website

So, have you checked out our new website yet?
It's at
Catchy name, eh?
No more Rootsweb.
No more Ancestry.
Our very own URL on a non-Ancestry server.
Director of Publications Annette Dwyer and her web design team (Dawn Bingaman, Michelle Khuon, Jamie Shaffer, and me) worked for over 6 months to totally redesign our website. With the help of volunteers from the Seattle Drupal Users Group, we then held a "barn raising" to create the new site using the free Drupal software.
What do you think?
There are still a few "glitches"--like the font size control not working on any of the pages, some alphabatizing glitches in the library catalog listings, and the calendar not working the way we'd like.
But other than those things, what do you think?
Do you like being able to renew using a webform and PayPal online?
Do you like being able to make donations to SGS online?
Would you like to help with the next major effort of creating a "Members Only" section of the website? We've talked about being able to post actual searchable records (such as the King County Court Records Index and our Index to Washington Territorial Land Claims) there, as well as handouts and short summaries of programs held at SGS.
What else would you like to see in a "Members Only" area?
Would this be a place you would visit often?
Please share your thoughts by filling out the "Post a Comment" box below.
Thank you.