Saturday, October 10, 2009

HQRL's Seminar with Dan Lynch

Along with about 150 other area genealogists, I spent today in Tacoma listening to Dan Lynch, author of Google Your Family Tree. I have to admit, my main reason for going to this all-day workshop was to try to drum up some more registrations for our seminar next weekend. After all, I've been doing genealogy for 30 years, working with computers for 40 years, and using Google for 10 years. What was I going to learn about using Google for family history research?
Answer: A LOT!
Dan is an excellent presenter. He's well organized, repeats the things he really wants you to remember, uses technology well, incorporates humor into his presentation, easily adapts to interruptions [like announcements over a loudspeaker], and makes time for anyone and everyone who wants to ask questions.
So...what did I learn? Without giving you too many free tips, let me just use keywords and symbols: "~" "translate this page" "+" Google Alerts "~vintage" "Language Tools" 
Sorry, you'll have to buy Dan's book or attend one of his seminars to get the details.
The other thing I learned is that there is always something new I can learn by listening to other genealogists, even if the presentation is on a topic I think I'm pretty well informed about. We each have different approaches to using the tools that are available to us. You never know when that one new "tidbit" might open the door for your family research. 

One suggestion Dan made is that family historians should post some of their information and photos online so that other researchers can find you. In answer to a question about WHERE and HOW to post family photos, he suggested that local genealogical societies create a photo sharing page on their website. What do you think of this idea? Please respond by clicking on the green comments button below. Also please take this month's one-question survey in the righthand column.


  1. I like the idea of posting photos online, with a brief description (so that Google can archive it and others can find it). I think that others looking for the same people would benefit greatly from this. If contact information was given as well, a two way exchange of info and media could happen. Even if just member trees were posted, other people who were looking (through Google or other search engines) could contact the tree owners and share. If every society did this, it could really help.

  2. posting info and photos sounds like a good idea

  3. I agree with Jeff. This is something I'd like to do, but haven't got around to it, or really learned how to do it.

    Edna Peak

  4. Thanks for the kind words Ginny and I'm so glad to see that you're considering my suggestion about the photos. You can see a crude and incomplete example on one of my "work in progress" sites at

    Hope to make it out your way again before not too long. Thanks again.
    Dan Lynch