Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you ready to lead SGS?

SGS elections occur in April. But before elections can occur, we need nominees. We elected a nominating committee last Spring and they are now hard at work trying to find qualified members to serve on next year's Board.
Much as I've enjoyed serving as SGS president the last two years, I am not running for re-election. No previous president has served for more than 2 consecutive years and I don't see any reason to be the first.
There are certainly many things I'd still like to see happen at SGS--like getting more members involved in our activities, starting/finishing indexing some of our records, upgrading our computers, establishing a computer lab area, moving into a larger space with a separate meeting room.... My "wish list" is quite long. But I really need to be more available for travel with my husband, who isn't getting any younger.
Hopefully some of you appreciate the changes at SGS over the last year and a half--increased program offerings, more communication with members, searching for and obtaining grant funding, operating more like a business (adopting policies and procedures to guide our activities). If so, I hope some of you are willing to run for Board positions. SGS doesn't run itself; we need dedicated volunteers to keep the Society functioning. Please take a few minutes to check out the short job descriptions on our website at and then send an email to Bruce Finlayson, Nominating Committee chair, at with an offer to run. Thank you.

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