Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is SGS hard to find?

One of the topics discussed at Sunday's SGS Annual Meeting was whether or not our current space fills our needs. Now that our Archives Committee has discovered how many archival records are stored in our closet, it's pretty clear that we either need a bigger space or that we need to get rid of some of our current holdings to open up space for making our archival holdings accessible. There was a collective gasp when disposing library holdings was mentioned, but it is still an option.

During the general space disucssion, several people commented that even with the bright blue awning, the SGS library isn't very obvious to people driving by on Sandpoint Way NE at 40+ miles per hour. And it's even more difficult to tell if the library is open when you drive by. Suggestions for making the library more obvious included placing a sandwich board in the parking strip when we're open or installing a neon OPEN sign or a signboard in the planting area. What do you think? How can we make our SGS library stand out on a busy road?

Also, in case you haven't heard, our SGS website "raising" event is taking place this weekend. If you've ever been curious about how a website comes to life, stop by for an hour or two and observe the goings-on. If you'd like to learn how to create your own website using Drupal (free content management software that powers websites and applications), come on Sunday when our Drupal experts will be providing instruction. SGS is providing food for this event, so please sign up at by 9:00 pm Thursday.

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  1. Another member and I were discussing earlier today that there is likely some percentage of books at the library that are wholly available online. We were talking about yearbooks specifically, but it's also possible some of the record indexes we have are available on Ancestry, or even some of the older books available on Google Books. I hate the thought of getting rid of books, but space and fire codes are definitely an issue.

    I'm all for a signboard in the planting area if it's allowed. Even now, I just about drive by the building half the time before I realize it's there. I'm not sure a neon sign in the window would help, and something in the parking area might blocked from view by parked cars (or worse, take up valuable parking space!)