Sunday, November 13, 2011

RootsTech 2012 Opportunities

In case you haven't noticed, each of the "official" RootsTech 2012 bloggers have been given one free RootsTech registration to give away for free.
Most of them seem to have pretty much the same rules--check out the RootsTech schedule at and then email the blogger about a session you'd like to attend.
RootsTech 2012 will be held in Salt Lake City on February 2-4. I know a couple of SGS members attended last year's inaugural RootsTech conference and were quite impressed with the speakers and sessions.
Act fast and you may be able to win free registration to this year's conference at: [ends tonight]  [ends tonight] [ends Nov 16]
Several of the official bloggers' contests have already ended. Sorry. I missed them, too.

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