Monday, April 2, 2012

1940 Census Release

It's April 2nd at 10:30 AM and I'm already totally frustrated with NARA and their much hyped 1940 census release.
After all the assurances that they planned for and could handle the huge demand they generated, they certainly haven't lived up to their promises.
I, for one, believed the hype and thought they'd have sufficient capacity to handle the pent-up demand from millions of genealogists.
Not so.
Unfortunately, Dick Eastman was right in his prediction of massive frustration and lack of access.
I naively thought that I could just zip into the site and download the ED where most of my mother's family was living in 1940.
So far I've tried to access that ED about 10 times and haven't gotten past the little circle spinning around.
Have any of you had any better luck?
A few states are already up on, but not mine (of course).
I suspect that we in Seattle would have had better access if they'd released the 1940 census on microfilm. At least then we could run over to our very own NARA branch and scroll through the pages!

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