Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Ah, summer in Seattle.
Now that the temperatures have dropped 40 degrees, it's time to think about back to school....and school supplies.
Need any supplies for you genealogy research and organizing? Now's the time to buy them. Some of the deals are incredible.
I'm one of those who makes folders for every trip I take. I've seen the 2-pocket folders for as little as 10 cents a piece lately. Sure beats paying 89 cents each.
Notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, paper clips--everything's on sale right now.
Are you putting more of your genealogy records on your computer? You can pick up a pocket-sized back-up drive that holds 500 gigabytes for $50-$60.
Thumb or jump drives--the little backup drives you pop into a USB port--are way down in price. I picked up three 4 GB drives today for $24.
The deals are everywhere. Just check the pull-out ads in Sunday's newspaper.

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