Friday, August 13, 2010

Outreach at SGS

Last Friday evening SGS held our second Open House this calendar year. We invited anyone to stop by between 5 and 9 PM and learn about SGS. Each hour an "Intro to Genealogy Research" class was taught; we did census look-ups for all participants; we offered library tours; and we held a book sale outside. Unfortunately, we didn't have the turnout we did in March--only 12 people attended the classes this time. But we did have some great conversations and at least one attendee has decided to join SGS.
Jean Roth, Director of Education, gave a talk on Scottish Genealogy at the Highland Games this year. She also taught a class on Irish Genealogy during the Irish Week celebrations back in March. I've given talks on "Getting Started with Your Family History" to a number of groups, and am always looking for more.
Do you have ideas for other ways to "spread the word" about genealogy in general and SGS in particular? Should we develop outreach efforts to retirment communities? groups? Which ones? How do we find them?
Please share your ideas by leaving a comment below or emailing me at

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